Employees are a huge asset to any business

Maintaining staff motivation by keeping them healthy and happy is integral to keeping your workforce productive. Ergonomicfix’s unique online assessments provide bespoke work space alterations using individuals biometrics and health conditions. Instant personalised work space assessments ensure more comfortable working environments for your staff and securing an employers compliance with HSE law

Common issues that would benefit from a work space assessment:

New Starters

Repeated Staff Sickness

Staff Productivity

Staff Return from Surgery

In 2022 approximately 186 million sick days were taken in the U.K. according to The National Office of Statistics. The majority of these sick days are taken due to stress, anxiety, depression or musculoskeletal injury. Musculoskeletal health contributed to a loss of £100 Billion to the U.K. economy in sickness absence for 2022.

It pays to care for your staff, any investment you make is repaid with increased productivity and staff are less likely to take time off with musculoskeletal pain if they have a bespoke work space assessment.

On average when someone has musculoskeletal pain, they take 15.6 days off. If you have a work force of 1000 people this equates to 863 days or 6500 hours lost a year to sickness. 66% of these absences are due to musculoskeletal problems or work related injury. Taking into account the average private sector salary, and a normal annual leave allowance this means that a 1000 employer company is losing £174000 a year due to musculoskeletal problems.

The most efficient way to ensure employees are not off sick with pain is to make sure they’re comfortable at work. This means assessing their work environment and making adaptations for the individual.

Work space assessments can become extremely costly. Ergonomicfix’s online assessment has made individual, bespoke assessments at an affordable price. By doing these assessments, if you reduce your musculoskeletal sick leave by just 20% you would cover your costs.


The health and safety executive law states that all new employees, any employee with musculoskeletal pain or any pregnant employee or colleagues returning from maternity leave must have a work place assessment. The law came into place in 1999 which means that most of your employees will fall into this category.

How do we do things differently at Ergonomicfix?

  • We provide online individual assessments to each of your employees.
  • We provide the employer a PDF assessment, proving you have met your legal requirements.
  • No physical paperwork is required. Everything will be emailed to the employer and employee. The employee can make their individual adjustments from the pdf and the employer can be assured they have provided advice for any problems their employee has identified and can file the e document without needing any further action.
  • Face to face assessments should not be required! Ergonomicfix system should eliminate this, as it provides adjustments based on employees answers, taking into account any musculoskeletal problems, mental health issues or problems with the working space and immediately makes the adjustments in the pdf provided. These assessments are individual, based on the employees height and specific answers to questions on their health.
  • The assessments are designed in such a way that adjustments are made for individual musculoskeletal problems, whilst also identifying colleagues that may be suffering with mental health problems.
  • The adjustments made are easy to make, cost effective and will ensure your employees are comfortable at their desk space.
  • Assessments reduce the likelihood of injury but also make it quicker for them to return from injury as their work space is comfortable for them.

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What our clients say about us

  • Marie Cook, HR Manager
    ErgonomicFix has been able to provide full and comprehensive workstation assessments for staff at the Duchy of Cornwall. Although covering the standard issues, they offered a more personal service by advising our employees with their specific problems with a range of solutions to aid and recovery and improvement. The reports are clear, easy to follow with their recommendations and sourced products to improve each individual work station.
    Marie Cook, HR Manager
    Duchy of Cornwall