Employees are a huge asset to any business

Maintaining staff motivation by keeping them healthy and happy is integral to keeping your workforce productive. We provide extensive ergonomic assessments for a multitude of job roles from cleaners to company executives.

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Common issues that would benefit from a work space assessment:

The UK office of national statistics reports that in 2013, 31 million sick days were taken as a result of musculoskeletal problems, with neck and back pain being the most prevalent cause. It is thought that back pain is responsible for £1 Billion pounds in lost earnings in 2015.

It pays to care for your staff, any investment you make is repaid with increased productivity and staff are less likely to take time off with musculoskeletal pain if they have had a full work space assessment.

Our physiotherapy experts help with an initial one-to-one assessment to understand the nature of the challenge we face together. We follow this with a combination of hands-on physiotherapy treatment and exercise rehabilitation designed to help set, and create focus on, realistic goals.

We specialise in the treatment and rehabilitation of injury, medical conditions and surgery as well as helping with injury prevention and promoting health and well-being in the workplace and life.

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What our clients say about us

  • Marie Cook, HR Manager
    ErgonomicFix has been able to provide full and comprehensive workstation assessments for staff at the Duchy of Cornwall. Although covering the standard issues, they offered a more personal service by advising our employees with their specific problems with a range of solutions to aid and recovery and improvement. The reports are clear, easy to follow with their recommendations and sourced products to improve each individual work station.
    Marie Cook, HR Manager
    Duchy of Cornwall